Hazyview Weather:


Temperatures vary in summer (October – April) from 18°C – 40°C and winter (June – August) from 8°C – 25°C.

Hazyview has summer rainfall, with the most rainfall measured between November and February with an average of 767mm per season. It receives the lowest rainfall (±3mm) in June and the highest (±139mm) in January.


The area is reputed to have the best climate in the world for banana growing and you can see row upon row of these lush tropical plantations while travelling through the area. A great number of tropical and semi-tropical fruits are also grown in the area.

Mosquitoes unfortunately thrive in the climate of the Lowveld. Should you be visiting the greater Mpumalanga area and the Game Reserves, please consult a local pharmacist or family physician for advice on the best anti-malaria drug or drug combination you should take before visiting.



The most of your holiday, don’t forget to re-apply sunblock every two hours.



Air-conditioning units dry out the air. This can lead to general dehydration, dry skin, skin irritations, itching eyes and even respiratory ailments.

A quick fix is to hang up a wet towel in the room before you go to bed.




Sun exposure can leave hair looking limp and lifeless so your best bet is to use a leave-in conditioner that contains a sunscreen that you can either spray or smooth onto your hair. Leave-in conditioners where you spray on about 10-12 squirts and massage through hair are great when applied before other styling products such as smoothing serum or mousse.



Hot summer weather and humidity can cause your hair to lose its shape. Apply a little mousse to damp hair to add body and help control your style. For added fullness, flip your head over and blow-dry the roots. Give hair a soft, full and long lasting look with hairspray. Allow the fine mist of spray to penetrate the roots and hold the hair in place.

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